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CEO Weekly Blog – w/c 21 Jan

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I’ve definitely felt my New Year energy start to drop this week, but a couple of things have helped boost it.

CEO Weekly Blog – w/c 14 Jan

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This week has been all about planning. The start of a new year always provides a great opportunity to consider how we can do things differently and better. As well as my own work for the next few months, I’ve been working with others to make plans too. We had a great management team session reviewing progress against our business plan, and setting priorities for the next three months.

CEO Weekly Blog – w/c 7 Jan


This week, I have been in New York, representing ARC and Future Arts Centres at the International Society for the Performing Arts Congress, as well as seeing shows at the Under the Radar festival.

CEO Weekly Blog – w/c 31 Dec


‘Has anyone made any New Year’s resolutions?’ someone asked in our office last year, to which my reply was ‘Yes, I’ve made 16’. As most people who know me will agree, I love new year and the opportunity it offers to reinvent yourself and commit to doing things differently, and better.

Person in the Room - by Umar Butt

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Person in the Room - by Umar Butt

It’s very seldom I go into a creative room unprepared. More often than not I know what my role is in the room and why I am there.  I am there as a director, writer, performer or part of the creative team, creative thinking and making offerings that will enhance the production, play, show.