During their residency, Divija and Saili will work on creating an interdisciplinary work using movement and spoken word, that explores divisions in society, its effects, and how we choose to navigate them. They will delve into the human fear of difference, and explore the border between useful boundaries and oppressive barriers.

About the Artists

Divija Melally: Divija is a trained contemporary and Indian classical dancer, graduated from Bath Spa University, with BA (Hons) Dance, dedicated to the arts, and spreading the intricate nuances of dance through performance, teaching, choreography and therapy. She has completed a 2-year diploma in Movement Arts and Mixed Media, which focused on ballet, contemporary and martial arts, from Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, India. Her creative practice revolves around exploring the amalgamation of contemporary and Indian Classical dance. She is interested in creating works that explore social and political themes, and she hopes to help the audience be more aware of the world that they live in through her art.

Saili Katebe: Saili is a writer, performer and workshop facilitator. Born in Zambia and now based in the South West of England, his work celebrates the musicality of language, the possibilities of performance and the power of storytelling. Author of his debut poetry pamphlet, Katabasis, published by Frosted Fire Press, his work has been featured on BBC Arts and BBC Radio Bristol Bristol. From commissions to collaboration, he is always looking for opportunities to explore and express the nuances of moving through life and its challenges.