During her residency, Emily will be working on her performance piece Identity Kaleidoscopea performance all about laughter, self-exploration, and interactive engagement. This one-person show, born from the depths of Emily’s journey to self-acceptance, weaves together the art of drag, clowning, and digital innovation to create a diverse cast of characters, each representing facets of her BIPOC LGBTQ+ experiences.

During her week at ARC, Emily intends to dedicate focused time to further refine and expand upon the various characters and narratives within her show. This includes developing the comedic elements, refining the interactive segments, and enhancing the digital aspects of the performance, such as the real-time live interactive chat feature and audience engagement tools like polls and surveys.

She also aims to use this time to experiment with new ideas, explore innovative ways to foster audience participation, and fine-tune the balance between humour and vulnerability in the performance.

With the time and space to immerse herself fully in the creative process, Emily hopes to develop Identity Kaleidoscope into a more profound and impactful performance that challenges societal norms, fosters empathy, and celebrates authenticity through laughter and connection.

About the Artist

Emily is a performer, cabaret artist, content creator, and theatre-maker with a passion for creating theatre that makes a positive impact on society. Over the past eight years, her journey in the theatre world has taken her across the globe, from South Africa to Australia, Cambodia, and England.

Her mission as an artist is to leverage her creativity to effect meaningful change through subversive strategies. As a cabaret artist she has performed at the Brighton Fringe Festival, Runt of The Litter, Qw’ere and Camden Cabaret amongst others. Her live shows in the cabaret scene are a captivating blend of physical comedy and incisive social commentary, designed to challenge societal norms and initiate thought-provoking conversations. Emily’s drive as an artist is to create work that resonates profoundly with audiences, through intricate storytelling that touches the hearts of those who experience it.

Alongside her live performances, Emily is also a TikTok content creator with over 1.4 million followers. Here, she focuses on queerness and her biracial identity, using her platform as a catalyst for social change. Through the portrayal of over 18 unique characters, she crafts educational content aimed at influencing young and old minds positively.

Emily’s artistic toolkit is a versatile one, which blends non-verbal physical theatre and dance, puppetry (including object theatre, table top puppetry and large scale puppetry), drag and burlesque performance (i.e. alternative burlesque and drag king), clowning/miming performance, digital performance and storytelling. With this diverse range of skills, she aims to push artistic boundaries, inspire change, and leave a lasting impression through her work in theatre and performance.