Jules’s vision for the coming year is to expand their practice beyond their comfort zone and start creating new things they have no experience with yet.

They want to write a show exploring a combination of poetry, comedy, performance art, storytelling and maybe some musical elements. They want to tell stories about the neuroqueer, trans experience of inhabiting a human flesh vessel in these disabling times, focusing on pain, trauma, grief but also joy, resistance and becoming. It will be experimental, shocking, and they hope to  learn many things in the process.

Jules has never written or produced an entire play before, let alone performed a one-person play, and having witnessed so many talented artists recently that have done just that, they are bursting with inspiration to get going.

During their week in residence at ARC, with the time and space to reflect, create, and experiment with taking creative risks, and breathing the air of a new environment; they feel this will kickstart the next chapter of their artistic journey.