ARC appoints third Artist of Change

Black and white headshot of Lauren Vevers. Lauren is looking downwards and smiling, and has one hand to her mouth.

We are delighted to announce today that a third artist is to join us as part of Artists of Change, a radical new model transforming the role of 21st century arts centres. Developed in association with partners The Albany in Deptford, Artists of Change aims to bridge the gap between artists, venues and communities and put people in Stockton and South East London at the centre of decision-making.

Following the recent appointments of Lizzie Lovejoy and SymonéLauren Vevers is the third Artist of Change to join ARC in this role, and will be working with us on a part-time basis from mid-March.

Lauren is a multidisciplinary artist from the North East of England. She’s interested in the magical and the mysterious, queer stories, and points of human connection.

She believes in radical change through activism. She founded the award-winning DIY project Papaya Press, which brings together emerging artists and writers to make zines, host events and run workshops. Collaboration is key to her practice and she prefers a flexible way of working that speaks to inclusivity and community.

ARC’s Chief Executive & Artistic Director, Annabel Turpin, said:

“It is fantastic that Lauren has been able to join Lizzie and Symone in working with us as Artists of Change. We are really excited to introduce her to our communities, and find ways of using her skills and practice to shift what we do and how we do it as part of the wider Artists of Change programme.”

Lauren is looking forward to getting started in the role:

“It’s so rare that an organisation invites an artist in to challenge the current state-of-play in this way. It’s bold and brave and I’m grateful to ARC for their trust in offering me the position. I can’t wait to see where the journey takes us.”

Lauren’s appointment was made possible by a grant from the Garfield Weston Foundation’s Weston Culture Fund, which allows us to continue to employ freelance artists and practitioners to deliver creative programmes with our communities.