We dedicate time, space and resource to supporting artists at ARC because we want artists to make work that is relevant for our audiences. We want to make sure that our programme is representative of our community, and that our audiences hear stories that resonate with them.

We look to support artists whose work contributes to our artistic policy.

Our priorities are:

  • To offer development support to a range of performance based artists, tailored in response to their needs
  • To support artists at different stages of their careers that are making work relevant for our audiences
  • To diversify the range of artists we support, in particular artists of colour, disabled and LGBTQ artists who can contribute to ARC’s artistic vision
  • To find ways of supporting artists to grow their work in scale and ambition, particularly addressing the absence of pathways between small and mid-scale work
  • To initiate and maintain strategic partnerships to ensure artists can sustain their work and careers
  • To bring new artists to the North East through the provision of accommodation alongside workspace

We do this through:

Find out more:

If you are an artist and want to connect with us, please join ARCADE, our artists mailing list.

Sign up to ARCADE.

Our Producer is happy to offer advice and guidance to any ARCADE member, either via a one-to-one session or as part of our monthly ARCADE Surgeries. To arrange a time, please email Daniel Mitchelson.

You can also see current opportunities for artists on our opportunities page.