Pay What You Decide

Tickets not required – just drop in whenever you like during the 24 hours!


What is North?
Do you know which way is North?
Are you from the North?
Is there another North?

Adam and Gillian have spent the last year talking to people from all over the world about North – what North is, where North is and what North means to them. A direction? A location? An identity?

In an attempt to define North, they have uncovered many Norths and now they would like to share them with you.

Over 24 hours Gillian will construct and arrange 360 compasses. They may all point in one direction or they may waver indecisively, reacting to the surroundings and the Norths of people standing closest to them. We won’t know until we share this North with you.

Drop in anytime during this 24 hour period to join Adam & Gillian as they make a monument to the many Norths they have collected so far.




  • Age and Content Advice

    The performance is open to everyone…

    Young children should be accompanied by an adult as there will be glass Petri dishes on the floor.

    In terms of the book, there is some mention of violence and drugs. There’s nothing obscene in it.