Two people in dark clothes sit at a bus stop on either side of a big advertising banner. The ad reads Mimi Loughran is Viv. Audrey Cook is Sid. Bus Stop Goths.

Bus Stop Goths by Audrey Cook

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We are delighted to announce another round of the Make New Work Explore Programme

We are awarding one £2,000 commission to support an artist to make new performance-based work in response to one of the provocations below and working with local communities in Stockton.

This opportunity is expected to lead to a performative sharing to a public or invited audience.

The deadline to apply is Mon 24 June 2024 at 10am. 

What do you get?
  • £2,000 budget
  • Producing, marketing and community engagement support from ARC
  • Technical support for the performance
  • Rehearsal and creation space at ARC
  • Accommodation in the ARC House (subject to availability)
What are the provocations? 

These two provocations came from in-depth and wide-reaching creative conversations with communities local to ARC. They were created through these conversations by independent creative director Paula Clark as part of a project which began with the question What’s On Your Mind? (you can read more about the project here).

The project was designed to capture the key areas of interest and concern to our communities. We are using them as guiding principles for our programme to help ensure that ARC’s work resonates with our local communities.

Artists are asked to select one provocation to base their idea around. They are intended to be starting points for creative ideas , we are not looking for literal interpretations.


I couldn’t care less. It’s God’s will! I do my bit. Did you know the concept of your personal carbon footprint was invented by Shell to pass responsibility onto the individual? I don’t recycle, I’m sorry but what’s the point. If I had all of the money in the world, I would use it to find a way to take all of the plastic out of the ocean. I would move us to another planet so we can start again. It’s evolution simple as that. It’s too late now. The protestors are going too far blocking the M25. The government does nothing. It’s time for action. Would women have gotten the vote if the suffragettes hadn’t blown shit up? How come the kids understand this better than the adults? This is a climate emergency.


After the consultation was over someone stayed behind to tell me exactly what was on their mind. They were angry and upset. They instructed me to write down exactly what they had to say. I haven’t been able to get this exchange out of my mind since. They told me: They had been a coal miner in a mine that was closed, despite still producing coal, by Margaret Thatcher’s government. They said she was getting her own back. They were angry about the imbalance of power and inequality in society then and now. “This is control.” they said. “This is about the government keeping the poor people poor.” They said there are more people than jobs. That there is nothing left after bills. That they have worked their whole life, that people can’t afford to eat. “My mum used to say the poor are always with you. I think it’s from the bible. Well, it’s true. I am so angry, it’s the injustice, it’s criminal. Who cares about us?”

Which art forms will be considered?
  • Theatre
  • Multidisciplinary performance
  • Dance
  • Cabaret
  • Drag
  • Music Theatre
  • Comedy
  • Circus
  • Puppetry
Full application brief

We have provided a more in depth explanation of the Make New Work Programme. Please read / listen in your preferred format:

Word version
PDF version
Audio version

Please ensure you read / listen to this before making the application. 

How to apply

There are three ways to submit an application:

  1. Written application
  2. Video application
  3. Audio application

Please send your Application Form and Equality Monitoring Form to [email protected]

You can apply using a video or audio file (maximum 5 minutes). Please use WeTransfer when sending video or audio files.

Download Application Form: Word version or PDF version

Download Equality Monitoring Form

If you have any other questions, or would like to speak to a member of ARC staff about your application please email [email protected]

The deadline to apply is Fri 21 June 2024 at 10am.

Support available

We want to ensure everyone feels supported in submitting to the Make New Work Programme.

ARC can offer the following at application stage:

  • Zoom/phone call to answer any questions
  • Zoom/phone call to act as a scribe for your application his will be coordinated by a non-voting member of ARC staff. Please note we cannot advise on the content of your application.
  • An extension of the deadline (max 48 hours)
  • If you need more pages/time in an audio/video recording, we can accommodate this.

You will need to make us aware of this before submitting. We won’t accept submissions beyond the deadline without prior agreement. 

ARC can offer the following at shortlisting stage:

  • Questions/what to prepare sent in advance of the Interview
  • Longer Interview time
  • If you require a BSL interpreter available at the interview stage and this cannot easily be provided via Access to Work, please let us know and we will arrange one.

Please make us aware of what support you need and give as much time as possible to be able to coordinate.

If you need specific access support in making your application that isn’t listed, please contact [email protected] and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Zoom Q&A

We will be hosting a Zoom Q&A on Tues 18 June at 5pm-6.30pm where you can ask any questions about the Make New Work Programme that you might have.

You can join here: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89962213693?pwd=mEl9WHx2b0aUHdVxjMH8nRJ0Lbkz7G.1

Meeting ID: 899 6221 3693
Passcode: 712311


The Make New Work Programme is supported by The Paul Hamlyn Foundation